Two days of Plenary Meeting in the marvelous Lecce

A plenary meeting occurs when the members of a project reunite to present the project itself in order to explain the state-of-art, the objectives, the evolutions, the short term and long term strategies. That is what happened in Lecce, where MAPWORMS partners rejoined to update on the progress of the project and also found the time to be together.

Plenary Meeting occurred for two days. Let’s start with the narrative!

Day 1: MAPWORMS explained from Arianna Menciassi and Luigi Musco

No one would ever dare to say that the MAPWORMS project is easy or even predictable. A look at its manifesto is enough to realize the complexity of its design and to want to know more about it. In order to reach the objectives set, of course it takes a good deal of organization and the knowledge that every step of the way cannot be made randomly.

During the plenary meeting, professor Arianna Menciassi took the floor, speaking about the guidelines of the general meeting and then going into details of the state-of-the-art of MAPWORMS among the various points of the meeting. 

Professor Luigi Musco, in turn, recalled the whys behind the selection of model species chosen for MAPWORMS and the importance of MICROCT vLab as a storage for the micro-CT scanning of the worms done over time.

And this was only day 1!

Day 2: seminar of professor Itamar Willner on DNA nanotechnology

How better than having a Plenary Meeting in the marvelous Lecce? Well, by organizing a seminar on DNA nanotechnology held by professor Itamar Willner

In particular, professor Itamar Willner gave a speech on DNA nanotechnology, investigating and explaining how it evolves from programmed catalysis to nanomedicine and material science applications.

It was an intense moment for scientists and researchers to hear his conclusions on such a fascinating field, so much that everyone agreed that we can’t wait to get more of it in the future.

Looking back at those two days, it’s impossible not to have some nostalgia. The best moments, after all, are the most difficult one to forget.

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