The 13th of May 2022: save the date because this is when the kick-off meeting took place and the 6 partners of the project reunited to celebrate the birth of MAPWORMS. We are talking about a transitional consortium of 6 partners from 6 different EU countries, operating under the European Union’s Horizon research and innovation program with a high level of specialization in robotics and technology.

Indeed, MAPWORMS aim to develop the first bioinspired shape-morphing robot based on stimuli-responsive materials, taking inspiration from the marine Annelida. The result is a completely autonomous robot, able to fulfill different tasks by adapting to the environment. Laying the foundation for the progression of MAPWORMS was the main focus of the kick-off meeting, where partners discussed the achievements ahead of MAPWORMS path and how they wanted to reach each objective.

On the 13th of May 2022, much more than the meeting itself happened. It was the day when everyone’s ambitions became reality and the consortium of 6 partners became a team.

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